Digital marketing recruitment for online travel agency: An overview

An online travel company that helps travellers book hotels, find accommodation and manage travel is looking for a digital marketing recruiter.

The job listing, which was shared to LinkedIn, said the position requires a keen eye for digital marketing and a strong understanding of online marketing techniques.

The company, which advertises itself as the ‘worlds leading travel agency’, is looking to hire an online marketing recruitor for the next three months.

‘We have a global team with a great product and a great reputation,’ the post said.

The position is open from April to September 2019 and it’s worth noting that the company’s job description includes a mention of travel-related content.

Travel agencies and travel booking agencies, who have been hit hard by online travel booking scams, are struggling to fill vacancies.

The number of travel agencies closed in the past six months has reached 2,000, according to research firm VisitAustralia.

The industry has been hit by a spike in online travel scams since the beginning of this year, when there were about 10,000 online travel agencies, according the National Travel Agency Association.

According to the report, the average online travel agent spends about $1,400 per year.

The average agent’s budget can range from $1.6 million to $5.3 million.

The National Travel Association says travel agencies face an onslaught of competition and many are facing budget shortfalls as a result.

The report says many travel agencies have to cut costs by offering lower-priced accommodation, travel packages and other perks to lure new agents.

‘As more and more agencies start offering better deals online, the competition is fierce,’ the report said.

Travel agents are also being forced to reduce their travel packages or cut their staff to keep their staff and clients happy.

The new job posting said the recruiter will ‘focus on digital marketing’.

The position requires an understanding of how the digital marketing industry works, and will work closely with clients, according its description.

‘The ideal candidate will have experience in the areas of marketing, social media and digital advertising.

They should have strong communications skills, and be willing to work with people on the ground to ensure their team communicates effectively with customers and suppliers,’ it said.

‘They should also have a strong background in social media, and have strong relationships with travel agents and travellers to ensure that they have the best possible understanding of the travel market,’ the company said.