Which company gets most of its revenue from digital?

The answer is: Google.

That’s according to new data released Wednesday by Google.

Google’s digital revenue from search, advertising and mobile accounted for about $17 billion in the fourth quarter of 2016, up nearly $5 billion from the year before.

The company’s digital spending rose more than $4 billion, while its mobile spending grew $2.6 billion.

But Google’s biggest competitor, Apple, saw its digital revenue drop by $1.7 billion, to $16.9 billion, as it dropped its own apps as well as its own web app.

The big winner for Apple was its Apple Music service, which has nearly 1.7 million users.

Apple, by contrast, had almost $5.7 trillion in digital revenue in the third quarter of last year, according to FactSet.

The top 10 tech companies are led by Apple: Alphabet Inc., Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon.com Inc., Apple, and Cisco Systems Inc. Alphabet’s shares rose as much as 3.2% to $639.07.

Facebook’s shares climbed as much.

Alphabet shares rose 5% to 76 cents.

Google was up 6% to 74 cents.

Apple’s stock rose 2% to 79 cents.

Cisco was up 3% to 68 cents.

Netflix, which also is part of Alphabet, fell 3% after it announced a merger with Google.

It has fallen by 5% since the first quarter of 2017.

For all of the money Google makes, Apple makes more than half of its profits.

In 2016, Apple made more than 90% of its digital profits, while Google made about 56%.

Google had about a $10 billion digital advertising business that year, while Apple only had about $8 billion.

Google said Wednesday it would cut spending by nearly $1 billion over the next two years, including $1 million to $1,000 a day in advertising.

The announcement came just days after Apple reported a $2 billion profit in its fiscal second quarter, which was the largest in its history.

Google is looking to focus more on mobile in the coming years, though, with Google’s self-driving cars.