Google’s digital marketing program is getting more exciting

Google is making some serious progress in digital marketing and its digital marketing degree program has seen a dramatic rise in applications.

The search giant has now seen an average of 2,000 new digital marketing degrees issued in the past year alone, and the number of degree recipients is steadily increasing, according to Google.

The Google Digital Marketing Institute launched in 2013 and now sees around 15,000 graduates each year, according Google.

Google has a number of programs which focus on online advertising, advertising technology, and online marketing.

The degree is designed to prepare graduates for roles in the media, digital advertising and content creation, as well as for future roles in advertising and marketing.

In addition to the degree, graduates will have access to the tools and skills that Google has put into place for digital marketing, and some of these tools are geared towards helping them with the hiring process, according To The Tech.

Google says graduates will be able to apply for positions at Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and are also able to use Google products and services to further their careers.

Google is looking to grow its degree program in the next few years, as the company has recently released a new digital advertising program.