Digital marketing is the new black

Digital marketing could soon be more relevant to the digital world than ever.

Key points:Digital marketing is growing rapidly in the workplaceThe job of digital marketing is evolving from a digital role into a more traditional jobThe job is being re-branded to digital marketing rolesThe job description also includes an expanded range of rolesDigital marketing, also known as digital marketing jobs, have seen a massive expansion in recent years.

The job, traditionally defined as a digital marketing position, is now seen as a more flexible and varied one, as employers look to hire a range of candidates with diverse interests and skills.

Digital marketing jobs are also becoming more diverse, with women being the biggest groups to have made significant gains in the job in the past decade, with more women entering the job from outside of digital roles.

“We are seeing a shift in the way people are doing digital marketing in the workforce,” digital marketing lecturer and vice president of marketing at Udemy said.

“As digital marketing becomes a more integral part of the job description, we are seeing more and more people becoming digital marketers themselves, which is really great.”

Digital marketing rolesDigital marketers are increasingly being seen as the next wave of the workforce, with the number of roles and roles changing over time.

“The shift is becoming more evident in the roles,” Ms Maung said.”[Digital marketing] is not just about a digital assistant anymore.

It’s also about being the person who is going to manage that digital infrastructure.”

Digital marketing needs to become a more holistic role that includes a wider range of skills.

“It’s a lot more diverse and has a lot of other skills that digital marketers aren’t necessarily familiar with, and so the role is becoming a lot better for people who aren’t used to digital.”

Ms Maungd said it was important to remember that digital marketing was still a “long way away” from becoming the dominant digital role in the Australian workforce.

“There are more than 40 digital roles that are still being used by people,” she said.