Managers are the ones at the centre of digital marketing in Rio 2016

MANAGERS are the people who run the digital marketing efforts for every major sporting event, from the Olympics to the Paralympics.

The role of the marketing team has changed over the years, but its a job they’re still doing.

But the role has also changed dramatically in recent years, and it has created a new, more diverse group of managers.

We’re not talking about the old guard who used to be in charge of the advertising campaigns, but the new generation of digital marketers who are taking charge of digital strategies, recruiting and making the digital world work better for them.

And while the majority of the teams are based in Rio, there are teams in other major sporting venues across the world, and across the globe, working to develop digital marketing campaigns to support their teams.

In this interview with the Sport Bible, Rio 2016 marketing director, Adrian Bamburini, discusses the importance of digital to the team’s success and what it takes to succeed in a digital world.