‘Cosi’ topper’ Digital marketing toppers ‘Culi’ and ‘Cula’ on the charts

The charts are in: Cosi, the first digital marketing app to be named Best Digital Marketing App, has overtaken Cula as the digital marketing platform topper.

The chart on the Digital Marketing Portland page reads: ‘Cisi’ and Cula are the top two apps on the digital marketplaces and the ‘Csi’ is the digital advertising platform. 

The two apps are both listed on the Top 100 Apps list.

Cosi, a mobile app, has garnered praise from some quarters for its ease of use, speed and ease of integration into the platform.

It also has a huge user base.

It’s also a platform that lets marketers use the tools to track their digital marketing campaigns and create personalized ads.

The app has a $20 million seed round from Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm that has been working with digital marketers and media companies for years.

The company’s founders are Arvind Panigrahi, VP of Marketing at Sequoias and Aamir Chaudhary, former VP at Adweek and a veteran of the digital space.

Cula, on the other hand, has been a long-running competitor to Cosi.

The two apps launched in 2017.

They launched a similar digital advertising app called ‘Ciula’, but the app didn’t gain traction in India.

Csi had over 5.6 million users at the time of its launch.

Csi’s growth was helped by a slew of updates and improvements to its platform, which include an integrated digital marketing dashboard, new ad formats, and a new product called ‘Ravana’ that let advertisers integrate digital marketing into their digital campaigns.

Cudi, on a different front, has seen its share of controversies recently.

In May 2017, the company faced a backlash for a series of advertisements on its app that depicted women in the form of a bikini and men in their underwear.

This sparked outrage on social media.

In August 2017, Cudi was removed from the App Store for allegedly violating the terms of service and was taken off of the platform altogether.

It has also faced criticism for its content, including a video that showed an actress wearing a bikini.

It eventually got back into the app.

The company is expected to launch a new version of Cudi, which it is currently testing with several brands.

In an interview with ET, co-founder Arvind said, “We are looking at new content in this update and we will keep the same content that is working.

There are some other updates that we will bring to the app.”

Cudi was originally launched in 2013 and was launched on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

It was a paid app, which meant users had to pay a monthly fee to use it.

After the launch of the app, Csi was a free app.

Ciudi launched on the marketplaces on February 1, 2017.

The app’s first app was launched in July 2017.

The platform has been expanding steadily since then, adding more features like live search, social networks, and an analytics dashboard that lets advertisers track digital marketing and ad impressions. 

Cudi also added a premium version in 2018, which comes with a paid version.

The premium version costs $10,000 per month.