Digital Marketing Internships for Dayton Digital Marketing Degree – Digital Marketing Lead

Digital marketing internships are available for Dayton’s digital marketing students.

The Dayton Digital marketing degree program is focused on creating digital content that can be shared across various platforms, including social media.

The program requires an internship that is part of the Dayton Digital media and communications department.

Students are expected to spend two semesters working in an internship setting and then graduating.

Students will receive a degree from the Digital Marketing Department and will be eligible for employment opportunities in Dayton’s media and media industries.

The digital marketing program requires students to work in an intern position that will involve writing and editing online content, and also has an online component.

Students work closely with Dayton Digital Media Director Dan DeBruyne, who is responsible for the creation of digital content for the Dayton digital media department.

Interns will work on content, research, and content design.

Students must be interested in digital content creation.

Internships are $15 an hour.

There are no minimum or maximum hours required.

Digital Marketing students may complete their internship within the first two semester and then graduate.

Internship candidates will have the option to transfer to another internship, and students who transfer to an internship will have a minimum of one semester in Dayton.

Intern-ships can be completed in two or more locations.

The internships will be held at different times, but students should plan on spending at least one full week working in the Dayton area.

Students also must be able to communicate in English and with other speakers in the local community.

Intern positions can be offered on a part-time basis or full-time.

The internship program requires that all intern candidates have an internet connection, but the internships can also be completed with a smartphone.

Intern candidates must be at least 18 years old and be able use a computer.

All internship positions will require that applicants have a bachelor’s degree and at least a high school diploma.

The Digital Marketing internship program is available to all students.

Students can complete the internship program in two semessums and then transfer to a full-year program, or one full-month internship.

Intern jobs are available at no cost and can be done at the Dayton Public Library, the Museum of Dayton, the Dayton City Hall Office of Media Relations, or any other location in the City of Dayton.

Digital marketing internship opportunities can be filled on a freelance basis.

Intern salaries range from $11.80 an hour to $14.70 an hour depending on the position.

The position will be in the digital marketing department.

The degree in digital marketing is a two-year degree.

The full-tuition and tuition are $28,500.

Intern applicants must have an online presence on the Dayton’s social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Intern job postings include positions at various stages of the digital advertising industry.