Digital Marketing Manager Becomes Amazon’s Digital Marketing Director

With Amazon moving into the digital marketing realm, digital marketing manager Daniel F. Fincher is now responsible for the digital business for the company.

Focher will be in charge of digital marketing operations, and will also oversee marketing and sales of products.

“Amazon has a unique opportunity to help grow our digital footprint in a very important way, by leveraging their technology to reach customers with compelling and targeted marketing,” said Amazon Digital Marketing President and CEO Jeff Bercovici.

“I’m very excited to join the Amazon team, and look forward to leading our digital teams as they work with our customers and partners to build and deliver new products and services.

I look forward that this team will build upon the momentum created by our success in the marketplace and help drive further sales for our customers, and I’m excited to be part of this exciting team.”

Fincher’s experience with Amazon’s product development and sales is well-established, and he also previously worked at AOL as its digital marketing director.

“This is an exciting time for the Amazon community and the digital marketer community, as we work to create a better digital experience for our users, our business, and our customers,” Finchers said.

“Our vision is to make Amazon the most valuable and best-equipped digital marketplace, with our team focused on delivering a great product experience.”

Amazon’s digital marketing team, headed by Fincherer, has been expanding since last year, when it hired digital marketing coach and author, John J. DiClemente, as digital marketing lead.

Amazon will continue to hire digital marketing professionals as needed, and DiClements expertise is expected to help accelerate its digital push.

Amazon also announced that the company has launched a new digital marketing training program.

The program, which is being managed by Amazon’s global digital marketing executive, David J. Hirsch, will include workshops and events across the U.S., Europe and Canada.

Amazon is offering the training in the U., U.K. and U.A.E. territories.

The company’s digital marketers are also continuing to focus on increasing the speed and breadth of their campaigns.

Amazon has expanded its advertising efforts, hiring new staff to help build the advertising infrastructure that it has been building in partnership with local media partners.

Amazon has also been increasing its digital presence on the internet.

The company has announced that it is expanding its advertising program with digital partners to a global audience, including in China, Australia, and Brazil.