Digital marketing hiring: Job vacancies in the US are on the rise

More than 40,000 people are listed as digital marketing jobs in the United States this year, with nearly 30,000 more openings in the pipeline, according to a report from online recruitment platform JobAdvisor.

The report, which tracks job postings for digital marketing, includes an estimated 200,000 job openings in digital marketing and social media, but the report also notes that there is a shortage of talent in the digital space.

According to the report, digital marketing employment grew by nearly 1,000 positions last year, to 1,819,000, with the number of jobs opening steadily over the past year.

In terms of the roles available, the most popular categories for digital marketers include:Social Media Developer, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Director, and Web Developer.

Job opportunities in digital strategy and management are also plentiful.

However, the biggest growth areas of digital marketing are in the areas of marketing automation and online advertising, according JobAdvisors.

The report noted that the digital landscape has been evolving rapidly, with businesses adopting a variety of digital tactics, including social media management, online advertising automation, and automation of content.

The industry is also in a transition from the “freemium” model, in which users pay for ads based on usage, to a “premium” strategy, where users pay money for advertisements based on clicks, according the report.

JobAdmins reports that more than half of job openings are for digital sales and marketing positions, which account for nearly one-third of job listings.

The job listings for digital media marketing are up almost 8 percent, while digital media advertising jobs grew by 6 percent.

The digital landscape is shifting rapidly.

Digital marketing jobs have increased by over 1,400 positions since last year and are expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

According the JobAdvisory report, the average age of the digital marketing workforce is 24.

This means that digital marketers are increasingly in their 30s and 40s, and their job roles have expanded over the last five years.

However to make up for the age gap, digital marketers need to be in their 20s or 30s, the report said.

For many employers, it is important to maintain their ability to recruit and retain the talent in their workforce.

According to the Jobadvisor report, more than 70 percent of digital marketers say they have been in their job for at least one year, and more than a third of employers are hiring for digital roles in the future.

The role of social mediaIn a digital world, digital strategy is becoming increasingly important.

According the report from JobAdspectors, social media has been growing at a faster pace than other industries.

The majority of digital media roles are in digital advertising, which accounts for about 50 percent of job postings.

Job roles for digital strategy, social content, and online video are also expanding.

Job ads are increasingly looking for digital content, as it is becoming easier to produce content in the virtual space, as well as create and distribute content on the web, the JobWatch report found.

JobAdvisor found that more and more job postings are focused on social media.

According in the report the most common digital marketing roles are digital strategy (35 percent), digital content (24 percent), and social video (16 percent).

However, there are also roles in content marketing that are growing in demand.

The most popular role in content is social media content, with 25 percent of all job postings looking for a content marketing position.

Digital strategy positions are also increasing in demand, with 35 percent of online job ads in digital media positions.

The digital strategy roles are expected increase in popularity over the next three years.

The job postings in content are growing quickly, with a total of 10,000 jobs posted this year.

This trend is expected to grow over the coming year.

According JobAdwatch, digital content has grown by 5 percent in the past five years and is expected in the next five years to grow by another 5 percent.

Job advertisements in content have also seen a rapid increase in digital growth in recent years.

JobWatch also found that the role of digital strategy has been expanding rapidly in the last year.

As digital strategy jobs are becoming more important, more job positions are being created in the role.

According JobAdWatch, digital strategies jobs increased by 4.7 percent in 2017, and will increase by 4 percent in 2018.

JobCare, the online job search platform, also recently reported that digital strategy positions increased by 11.7 points in 2017 and will continue to increase by 12.2 points in 2018, according The New York Times.

According job ad jobs in content, more jobs are expected in digital strategies roles in 2018 than in 2017.

Digital strategies jobs in 2018 are expected at around 10,800 jobs.

The JobAdvice report, published on Thursday, is part of an ongoing series analyzing job postings and job openings for digital, digital media, and digital marketing positions.

Job ads are also expected to expand over the