How to build a digital marketing tool with Google News app

Google has released a new version of its news app, the Google News App, that offers users the ability to view the latest news from their favourite publications.

The Google NewsApp, launched last year, gives users the chance to view articles from the likes of The New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Bloomberg, Business Insider and The Economist, as well as news from major news organisations like The Economist and The Times.

As per the app’s launch page, the app features a variety of features, such as “Discover” sections for articles from local and national newspapers, aswell as sections dedicated to “Local news”, “National news” and “Business news”.

The app also has the option to subscribe to news via RSS, but users can opt to not receive notifications from the app and not subscribe to the app.

According to Google, the new app is designed to give users access to “the most trusted source of local news” with access to the latest information about local news, weather, travel, politics, economics, sports and more.

The app is free, but Google says that it will be available to “premium users” in the coming weeks, and it’s currently available on the Play Store for Android and iOS.