Digital marketing jobs on the rise

Digital marketing has become increasingly popular, but jobs in the field are hard to come by. 

And in many cases, the demand for digital skills has been driven by new technology. 

Read moreThe job growth in digital marketing is expected to rise to 4.2% this year from 3.7% in 2017, according to an official forecast published by the Australian Council for IT (ACIT) last month. 

Digital marketing jobs are expected to grow by about 13% to about 1.3 million by 2022, the report said. 

“The job market for digital marketers is set to boom in 2022 and there are already over 7,000 digital marketing companies operating across the country,” ACIT CEO Peter Bickmore said in a statement. 

ACIT has already forecast the demand of digital marketers to double to 6.2 million by 2021. 

But there is also growing interest in new skills in digital and in the future of online advertising, which is seen as more viable in the digital age.

“There’s still a lot of demand for people who are new to digital marketing in the advertising space, but the demand is growing,” Mr BickMORE said.

The job of a digital marketing manager is often linked to the number of clients they work with and how many hours they work.

“The way that you’re paid is based on your number of client clients, how much you’re working and how long you’re going to be on a project,” Mr Jones said.

“You have to be able to have a clear vision of how you’re supposed to make money from this, how it’s going to impact you.”