Why NFL digital marketing is a big opportunity

Digital marketing is gaining more traction and attention in the NFL, which is a reflection of the league’s growing popularity in digital, according to an analyst who tracks the industry.

The league has spent millions on digital marketing since the NFL Network launched in 2012, but its reach has grown rapidly since then, according the Sports Business Journal’s John Schoenfeld.

The league spent $8.2 million on digital advertising last year, a 27% increase over 2014.

It’s also been spending money on television and radio, and it has spent $4.7 million in the past two years on digital ads, a 41% increase from 2015.

“I think the digital advertising market is in a better place than it was two or three years ago,” said Kevin Kallstrom, a partner at Ogilvy Global, a digital media and advertising consultancy.

“It is a lot more vibrant and has a lot of potential to be a much bigger part of the NFL’s future.”

Kallstrom said there are many ways to market to a millennial audience, including the NFL using social media, social media ads and other digital tools to reach them.

The NFL also has launched new digital tools like a Snapchat app and a video app, which are designed to appeal to young audiences.

“The NFL is seeing its biggest market since it was founded, and the growth of social media and the digital media platform that’s being developed by the NFL has really caught the attention of the digital ad market,” he said.

“That is one of the reasons why they’re investing in those things.”

Schoenfeld noted that digital advertising is growing faster than traditional advertising.

The digital market is expected to grow 7% in 2020, according Kall, while traditional advertising is expected for growth of only 2%.

“Digital is going to be much more important than traditional in the future,” he added.

“The NFL will be a major player in the digital space and it’s just a matter of when.”

Digital advertising in the Super BowlThe Super Bowl is a major television event, which draws millions of viewers to stadiums across the country.

While there’s no data to track how many viewers watch the Super, Kall said the NFL is confident its ad spending will be at least $1 billion in 2020.

He said that’s a much higher amount than traditional TV ad spending, which he said was around $400 million a year.

“What is the likelihood of the Super becoming the most watched Super Bowl in history?

I think it’s very high,” Kall told CNNMoney.

“I think that’s the case that if you’re going to have the biggest, the most exciting, the biggest crowd, you have to have a huge amount of advertising, so that’s why the NFL will spend as much as it has in the last three years.”

“I’m also convinced that the Super will become the biggest event of the decade, and I think the Super is going get bigger and bigger and more and more relevant every year,” he continued.

Kall said he’s confident the NFL can make a big splash in the upcoming Super Bowl and the 2020 Super Bowl will be no exception.

“If the NFL does make a splash in 2020 it will be because of the excitement that the players have about playing in a Super Bowl,” he concluded.

“If the Super was in 2021, I think that would be a huge opportunity for the NFL to become a much more major player.”

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