How to Start a Digital Marketing Summit in Rochester

I was recently invited to speak at the Digital Marketing Expo Rochester.

The purpose of the event was to showcase the best of Rochester and the Midwest for those interested in building their digital marketing platform.

I am pleased to report that I was an extremely successful speaker, having taken the stage in front of over 50 local business owners and developers to introduce my new platform, a marketplace for business owners to sell their products and services.

As you can see from the slides, this platform is built on the same principles as my platform, which is that people should be able to build a business online.

My goal is to provide a platform for businesses to build and monetize their businesses.

I believe that this platform has great potential and will have an immediate positive impact on Rochester’s economy.

The event was organized by the Rochester Economic Development Corporation (REDC), and the goal of the Summit was to share ideas and ideas to help the Rochester area become a digital hub.

As a part of the platform, I decided to focus on local businesses and offer a variety of opportunities to local entrepreneurs.

I had a number of opportunities presented at the Summit.

First, I introduced a new platform that provides business owners with an online platform for selling their products or services.

This platform allows them to sell online through a web-based shopping cart that allows them sell directly to their customers.

It also allows them the ability to advertise on their own website or through other websites and services like Amazon, Etsy, and Google.

The platform allows customers to order, pay, and ship products directly to customers via a mobile app.

This gives businesses a huge amount of flexibility in their business.

In addition, the platform allows businesses to quickly and easily sell their goods or services to others.

Lastly, I provided a short introduction to the platform that was tailored to the local business.

The Summit has a very different feel from the traditional marketing event, and I think that the Summit’s unique format and focus will bring a different, but important, product to Rochester.

As an added bonus, the Summit presented a panel discussion on the future of digital marketing in Rochester.

This panel, titled, How to Grow a New Digital Marketing Company in Rochester, highlighted some of the challenges facing local digital marketers.

In particular, many local entrepreneurs are concerned about competition from out of town digital marketers who are not local.

The panelist stated that the challenges are that the local marketplaces are not as active and the marketplaces do not have as much of an infrastructure in place as the online marketplace.

For this reason, local businesses are less likely to invest in a local market because it’s more difficult to build an online presence and increase sales, while at the same time, it’s not as easy to sell to customers outside of Rochester.

Additionally, the online marketplaces have very few product and service categories, and there are not a lot of community-oriented features.

Lastly in my presentation, I talked about a couple of the other platforms I have developed for local businesses.

One platform allows a business to advertise directly on their website.

Another platform allows local businesses to sell directly through a mobile application.

This allows businesses that are small or local to easily sell to their target customers.

In my opinion, both platforms will bring great value to the Rochester region.

I look forward to sharing more information about this new platform as I build it further.

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