How to spot the marketing automation gap

A recent article on Business Insider, and one I’ve been working on since December, is the first in a series of guides aimed at providing a quick overview of the different types of marketing automation platforms available.

The article, titled How to Spot the Marketing Automation Gap, lays out what types of tools and platforms exist in the market, and explains why it’s important to be aware of them.

The articles are based on data provided by HubSpot, which tracks the usage of the HubSpot Digital Marketing Manager software suite.

The platform is being used by about a million customers per month, and the majority of the people who use it are on a daily basis.

The company’s data suggests that 80% of HubSpot customers are engaged in digital marketing.

HubSpot has partnered with Adobe, Google, and Adobe Digital Editions, and has a strong partnership with the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

In the article, HubSpot writes: The first thing to understand about digital marketing automation is that they’re not just another platform.

There are a lot of different things that you need to do in order to create a compelling digital marketing campaign, including:    Create content for social media, including videos, video ads, and interactive content. 

Create and optimize video campaigns for social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get your brand noticed. 

Organize your content on Facebook, YouTube, and Google Plus to maximize exposure to your brand and reach people who might be more likely to buy. 

Set up automated email campaigns, including automation for your email newsletter, your newsletter, and your blog. 

Use social media marketing automation to increase conversion rates and improve your brand’s image. 

Build a portfolio of relevant content and images to build a digital marketing strategy for your brand. 

Engage with digital marketing experts to share insights and provide guidance on your marketing strategy. 

Add social media and social marketing automation tools to your site, including a tool to manage your newsletter and website’s social sharing capabilities. 

Optimize your blog for search engines by using a tool like SEObot to automatically rank for your keywords. 

Manage your blog’s social share buttons and email list by using tools like SEOcheck to automatically share your content to Facebook and Google+. 

Organizing content for your digital marketing tool can be a daunting task. 

But as the article notes, this doesn’t mean you should abandon digital marketing altogether. 

“You can always use other tools to help you make your content more relevant,” it writes.

“But it’s not enough to simply use the tools to get more visibility, and to keep your traffic coming in the form of leads and leads.” 

There are some other ways you can improve your digital content, and if you have more experience in digital content marketing, you can look to these guides as you work your way through the digital marketing landscape. 


Create content for Facebook and Instagram The hubspot social media management tool, which is part of the hubspot platform, offers a way to organize content for users to post on their profiles.

You can set up a blog post that will receive a post of its own, and add it to your own profile. 

You can also create a photo portfolio for your profile that will allow you to showcase your photos on your own social network and help users find you. 

In this article, I have created a photo album called “My Social Media Profile” that I can share on my own social media accounts. 


Create a digital newsletter This is an easy way to create an e-newsletter that will be sent out once a month to people who sign up for a HubSpot email newsletter.

You will need to create and sign up an account on HubSpot to be able to subscribe. 


Set up automated emails This tool lets you create automated emails that will go out once you subscribe to HubSpot’s email newsletter and automatically deliver them to your inbox. 


Build a portfolio You need to be careful to keep the content relevant and not overly cluttered. 

I have a portfolio that includes several photos and videos, including some from the past year, as well as some images of me with my family. 


Add social media automation tools This article covers the Hubspot Digital Marketing manager automation tool, and shows you how to use it to create content for HubSpot users. 

The article also provides some tips on how to set up automated e-mail campaigns, add social media sharing functionality to your blog, and customize your portfolio for search. 


Optimize your blog A blog can be your best marketing tool for building a digital business.

You should be able that your blog will grow with each new product launch or promotion, and you can use HubSpot content marketing automation as a way of doing just that. 


Build your portfolio In addition to content, Hubspot offers some other tools that you can