How do you drive your digital advertising budget?

Digital marketers in the industry are still working out the kinks, but they’re making headway.

In fact, a new survey shows that digital marketing budgets are growing faster than ever before.

According to Nielsen, the number of people who spend more than $100 per month on digital marketing is up 35% since last year.

And while the overall market has been growing, the digital marketing budget for 2016 was up 19% over last year, from $80 to $180 per month.

But that’s still way down from the $300 to $400 that digital marketers spent in 2015.

While digital marketers are getting their act together, they’re still making headways.

One of the biggest challenges they’re facing is finding the right balance between budgeting and time spent on advertising.

According to the report, digital marketing spending is down 24% in the past year, while spending time on advertising is up 17%.

And those are the numbers Nielsen surveyed.

Here’s what they found:Digital marketers need to get to grips with spending.

Nielsen found that 70% of marketers spend more on advertising than on advertising costs.

That’s not good.

Digital marketing spending has historically been higher than the advertising budget for other marketing activities, like web development and digital marketing campaigns.

The best way to make up for that spending is to spend more time on marketing, said Michael Ostermeier, director of marketing at digital marketing agency Marketers Lab.

“We need to figure out how to optimize our budget, and spend less time on the advertising and more time in marketing,” he said.

It’s a balancing act.

Digital marketers have a lot to figure this out, said Chris Toth, director and general manager of Marketing for online and mobile marketing at Marketing Agency Management (MA) Group.

But the biggest challenge is finding an effective way to manage spending, Toth said.

“In the end, it comes down to how you budget your budget,” he explained.

The next best thing is to make sure that you can pay off that budget.

According the report’s findings, 75% of digital marketers can afford to do just about anything, but 30% of them can’t.

If you can’t afford to spend less, you’re likely spending too much, said Toth.

You also need to ensure that you’re not spending too little or too much.

“It’s really important to be able to pay off your budget on time,” he added.

To do that, it’s important to understand how to set up an effective budget.

That way, you can keep your spending under control.

Here are some things you need to know about budgeting:How much do you need for your digital marketing campaign?

The most important thing is figuring out how much you can spend per month, according to Toth and Ostermeyer.

“If you can only spend $30 per month for marketing, you don’t need to do that,” Toth explained.

“But if you can do that and you can afford it, that’s a great place to start.”

“If you’re spending $300 per month you have a huge amount of money,” said Tuth.

“You need to understand the costs of the business.

If it’s $300, that would mean you’re getting $600 per month in spending.”

You also want to know what you can reasonably expect for your business.

“Do you have an ad revenue model that’s going to get you the right return for your advertising?”

Toth asked.

“You can make that determination,” said Ostermeister.

“When you make that decision, you have to take into account the other things you’re doing.”

“You need some guidance on the budget,” said MAA Group’s Toth about how much to spend on marketing.

“How much are you going to spend per year?

How many people are you trying to reach?

How much will you pay out?

And then how much will it cost to reach that person?””

When you are spending that much, you need the guidance of the people you’re trying to market to be very clear,” Tuth added.

“And you have no idea where that person is coming from.”

If you do have a budget, know what the minimum is.

According, to the survey, digital marketers have to spend $60 per month to reach their target audience.

“So that’s about $4,500 per month,” TOTH said.

The second most important number is the revenue you expect to earn per month from your digital campaign.

According Ostermerts, the revenue will come in two forms: the cost of marketing and the cost to your client to reach those customers.

You’ll need to take that into account when setting up your budget.

“If your revenue is going to be below $4 and you are still spending more than you expect,” Osterman said, “you’re probably spending too big.

You have to find ways to cut back.”So what do