The Conservative Bootcamp: Creating a Digital Marketing Solution for a Digital Future

In the spring of 2017, I joined the Conservative BootCamp, a digital marketing boot camp founded by former National Security Agency director Mike McConnell.

The BootCamp was a culmination of my many years of experience working in the media, including at the New York Times, CNN, ABC, CNNMoney, and the Washington Post.

It was a place where I was exposed to the ideas and principles behind digital marketing as well as the power of the digital world to make a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

It has been an incredible experience, one that I am extremely grateful for. 

While the BootCamp is now five years old, I feel like it is a great place to start for any business or individual looking to build a digital strategy that delivers real results and creates real value for their customers.

This article is my first look at the bootcamp, which has a wide range of courses available and I have chosen to focus on digital marketing for this article. 


“What is digital marketing?”

  Digital marketing is a term that encompasses a wide variety of different practices, including: 1) social media marketing 2) search marketing 3) targeting and digital distribution (social and search) 4) mobile advertising 5) digital content marketing 6) content marketing for businesses and consumers 7) online advertising 8) social and digital advertising 9) direct marketing 10) content and digital content partnerships 11) digital media marketing 12) media, advertising, and brand management 13) digital marketing to businesses and consumer groups 14) digital digital media 15) social, content, and digital marketing 17) content strategy for businesses 19) digital communications 20) digital advertising and brand marketing 21) digital distribution and social media 22) digital product distribution 23) digital branding and digital products 24) digital sales management 25) digital analytics and analytics 26) digital customer service 27) digital brand management 28) digital video production 29) digital web and mobile marketing 30) digital SEO and digital SEO 31) digital social media strategy 32) digital ecommerce 33) digital products and services 34) digital payment services 35) digital publishing and digital publishing 36) digital business development and digital businesses 37) digital and social networking 38) digital strategy for business 39) digital retail 40) digital mobile marketing 41) digital online advertising 42) digital payments 43) digital health and wellness 44) digital lifestyle and digital wellness 45) digital travel 46) digital fashion and luxury 47) digital technology and technology consulting 48) digital real estate 49) digital software and technology 50) digital design 51) digital public relations 52) digital PR and marketing 53) digital creative and marketing 54) digital editorial 55) digital research and media studies 56) digital journalism 57) digital events 58) digital storytelling 59) digital game design 60) digital music and music 61) digital gaming 62) digital animation 63) digital multimedia 64) digital photography 65) digital videos 66) digital live video 67) digital audio and video 68) digital games 69) digital arts and crafts 70) digital radio 71) digital art and design 72) digital printmaking 73) digital graphic design 74) digital film 75) digital sports 76) digital visual effects 77) digital graphics 78) digital interactive video 79) digital photo editing 80) digital painting 81) digital typography 82) digital photoshop 83) digital photograph manipulation 84) digital drawing 85) digital sound design 86) digital voiceovers 87) digital artwork 88) digital animations 89) digital modeling 90) digital virtual reality 91) digital VR 92) digital computer animation 93) digital 3D modeling 94) digital character animation 95) digital models 96) digital puppet casting 97) digital animated video 98) digital puppetry 99) digital characters 100) digital illustrations 101) digital designs 102) digital maps 103) digital vector graphic design   104) digital image editing   105) digital textiles and fashion 106) digital toys and apparel 107) digital packaging 108) digital printing 109) digital photographs 110) digital sculptures 111) digital clothing 112) digital prints 113) digital magazines 114) digital photos 115) digital sculpture 116) digital costumes 117) digital posters 118) digital wallpapers 119) digital wallpaper 120) digital billboards 121) digital banners 122) digital flyers 123) digital magazine cover art 124) digital adverts 125) digital ads 126) digital campaigns 127) digital billboard 128) digital website 129) digital app 130) digital