When Google’s Digital Ad Network Will Bring Back the Boomcycle

Digital ad network Boomcycle is on track to launch its first ad network in the U.S. in the next year, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The launch of the new service is likely to be delayed by a year, the people said, reflecting Google’s desire to continue to focus on its core products.

The people spoke on condition of anonymity because the network is private and was not part of the official announcement.

The announcement comes as the company is under scrutiny over allegations of targeting black and Hispanic communities with Google ads in the past.

A report in The Wall St. Journal last month said that Google targeted ads to blacks and Hispanics using a search algorithm that misclassified people of color.

Google has denied any wrongdoing.

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment.

The new network will provide advertisers with more choices and better targeting options, according the people, who spoke on the condition of not being named because the company does not comment on internal matters.

Google’s new ad network, which the company announced Tuesday, will include ad units that deliver customized digital ads and digital content tailored to local and regional communities.

Google already has two such digital ad units, according a person familiar with their operation.

Google is also developing new ad units and new types of digital content to bring to the market.

Google declined to provide a timeline for when the new ad and digital networks will launch, and the people also declined to say how much money the new ads will generate.

Google was valued at about $3.6 billion at the close of the second quarter.

The Wall Streets Journal reported that Google will likely launch its own ad network sometime this year.

Google recently announced that it was going to launch an ad-based content platform called Boomcycle.

Boomcycle, a $100 million acquisition by Google in 2013, aims to deliver ad-free content in a way that doesn’t disrupt ad networks.

The company has also been testing a new platform called the Google Digital Ad Platform.

Google also is exploring the potential of selling ad-like content to companies that want to deliver content on the platform, the Journal reported.

Google will begin rolling out the new Boomcycle ad network on Tuesday, the People familiar with its plans said.

Google said in a statement that Boomcycle’s first ad units will be available to advertisers “within two weeks.”

Boomcycle CEO Chris Breslin said the company expects to offer ad-focused ads by the end of the year.