How to build your digital marketing plan in 45 minutes – the short and sweet

New Delhi: In a week, the world’s most populous country will hold its largest digital marketing event ever: the Digital India Day, held at the National Gallery of Art in Delhi on January 16.

The event is being billed as a showcase of the nation’s digital prowess and the efforts that have been made to ensure it can be a hub of digital growth.

While most of the events in India have been small-scale affairs, this year’s event will have a larger audience and, for the first time, will be held at a national level.

Digital India Day is expected to be the biggest ever digital event and is expected by some to be a showcase for the country’s ability to grow its digital footprint, according to an industry association.

A spokesperson for Digital India said it would focus on four key topics: digital content creation, digital content distribution, digital advertising and digital engagement.

It is a long way from being the first digital event in India to attract the attention of foreign visitors and it will be a tough one for digital agencies, analysts said.

“They (digital agencies) have been talking about India for the past 15 years and India is not really taking off, but this is the first one where they are making a big push and the country is really keen to have a big event like this,” said Anupam Nihalani, head of digital strategy at the Delhi-based consultancy Deloitte.

The first day of the event will start at 9 a.m. and the two-hour program will be divided into two sessions, each lasting three hours.

The first session will focus on digital content, while the second will discuss digital advertising.

The programme will also include a short talk by a panel of experts and a live streaming of the main event.

Digital content creators will be given an opportunity to showcase their work, and some will even get a chance to introduce themselves to the audience.

The day will also have a panel discussion on digital strategy and marketing, and an interactive question and answer session with the Chief Information Commissioner of India.

The digital strategy panel will include Amit Gupta, former chief information officer of the National Highways Authority of India; Amit Singh, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers; and Raju Gupta, an executive director at digital consultancy, M-C-B.

The other panelist is Vijay Muthusamy, founder and CEO of digital advertising agency, Karpal Partners.

Digital content creator and influencer Suman Bhattacharya will also speak about the digital strategy of the digital marketing agency, Pajhwok.

In a recent interview with BusinessLine, Muthutarya said that he had been planning the event for over two years, which will see him unveil the first three pillars of the Digital Culture initiative.

“Digital culture is not just about content creation and content consumption.

It is a culture of interaction, engagement and engagement with the audience,” he said.

“In a country like India, which is in the midst of an information revolution, this is an opportunity for digital companies to become leaders in digital culture.”

The digital marketing team will be working with several influencers to share the digital culture and help promote the event.

The event will be presented in Hindi, English and Portuguese.

Muthutary said that the day will be open to anyone who wants to participate in the event, including anyone who is not a native of the country.