The world’s most influential digital signage brand, Google, is buying the world’s biggest digital signage company, according to Bloomberg.

Digital signage is a business that has been growing rapidly for the last decade, but in the digital era it is a new business that is going to become more relevant.

With the rise of digital signage, companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are all using the power of the internet to bring new products to market and, more importantly, the world.

In the past, digital signage companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and others have used their considerable influence to bring in billions of dollars worth of revenue to the business, but now, Google and Facebook are buying the company. 

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Digital signage companies are a big player in the advertising and advertising technology space.

The digital signage industry employs about 3.4 million people and has more than $1.7 trillion in revenue.

The largest signers in the business are Adobe and Microsoft.

Google’s acquisition of Digital Signal is a huge deal for the digital signage business. 

“The acquisition of digital signs represents a significant strategic investment for Google, which is a leader in digital signage,” said Chris Anderson, CEO of, in a statement.

“It is an exciting time for the business and our customers, and we look forward to working with Google on the digital future.” 

Google has a history of investing in digital advertising.

It bought the business behind Google+ and the advertising network BAML in 2011 for $1 billion. 

This acquisition of the company will help Google take a bigger role in digital advertisements. 

Google is already one of the biggest advertisers on the internet, with revenues in the $1 trillion range.

The company’s ad spending in the US reached $1,500 billion last year, and Google+ advertising is the second most valuable advertising segment in the world, behind only Facebook. 

With the purchase of digital advertising companies, Google is in a better position to compete against the likes of Facebook and Amazon in the future. 

In the digital advertising space, digital advertising has exploded in the past five years, and it is expected that digital signage will grow even more in the coming years. 

While digital signage has been around for many years, it is now the most popular form of advertising on the web.

Google has been investing heavily in digital marketing for years and is looking to make the digital ad space even more competitive. 

What does this mean for digital signage? 

Google’s acquisition will allow it to take a larger role in the global advertising market, which has seen some dramatic changes in recent years.

For instance, Google’s ad spend in the United States has grown to $2.6 trillion last year. 

It is also a testament to Google’s continued growth and market share. 

As digital advertising continues to grow, digital signages will continue to become an important part of digital marketing. 

Why is Google buying Digital Signals? 

Digital advertising is an emerging market that is experiencing a boom in the ad business.

According to Digital Advertising Bureau, the global ad market is expected to grow to $1-2 trillion by 2020. 

According to a recent study by Gartner, digital ad spending is expected reach $1B in 2020.

Google is also looking to gain an even bigger foothold in the new digital advertising market. 

At the end of the day, digital ads are just another form of content on the Web. 

How does this affect the Google+ social network? 

The digital signaling business is very different from traditional advertising.

Google+ is the most widely used social network, and has the biggest user base of any digital advertising platform. 

However, Google+ also has some issues, and some users are having issues with the platform.

Digital signage is becoming more and more popular in the eyes of advertisers, and with Google’s purchase of Digital Signs, it could potentially help to boost the digital signalling business.