IGN’s 2017 Digital Marketing Awards list: The winners and losers

Digital marketing certification is becoming a very popular credential for companies seeking to expand their digital marketing capabilities.

The winners and the losers in our 2017 Digital Media Awards list are:1.

Adobe, $1,000,0002.

Google, $800,0003.

Microsoft, $400,0004.

Oracle, $300,0005.

Salesforce, $200,0006.

Amazon, $100,0007.

Adobe Digital Cloud, $60,0008.

Zynga, $50,0009.

Microsoft Office 365, $40,00010.

Facebook, $35,000We didn’t have a great year for digital marketing, but there’s still plenty of opportunity for companies to gain valuable digital marketing experience.

In 2017, we also recognized the following:1) Apple for the best digital marketing app2) Microsoft for the fastest digital marketing tool and the most innovative product, the HoloLens3) Microsoft Azure for its powerful and efficient cloud computing infrastructure, which enables companies to scale their digital offerings across a broad range of platforms, from desktop, mobile, and cloud.4) Apple Music for the top-selling streaming music service in the U.S. and worldwide, followed by Spotify and Pandora5) Google for the Google AdWords mobile advertising platform and the top ad platform in the world.6) Apple Pay for its digital wallet, making it one of the most secure ways to purchase digital content.7) Netflix for its streaming and premium TV service.8) Apple Health for its smartwatch and fitness app, as well as its fitness tracking and health app, Apple Health, which is a leader in wearable technology.9) Twitter for its live video service and the app for creating your own videos, including your own hashtags and avatars, and its news feed.10) Amazon for its Alexa-powered personal assistant and its video-to-speech software, Alexa.